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Youri Van Laethem

"My personality and photography fit perfectly; 
Curious, Creative, Generous, Instinctive"


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Youri, Born and raised in the countryside of southern Belgium. Quickly passionate about sport and adventure, his creative and wandering spirit first developed with painting and drawing.


After two wonderful years spent in Western Canada, he learned photography and videography at the Whistler Adventure School.


Youri has already worked with a magazine in Canada and exercised he's skills as a content creator in Europe. He also masters editing and retouching photos. He enjoy spending time outside and practice as much as he can;


Youri is passionate about sport and adventure photography as well as abstract art and journalistic photography.


His vision: 


“  When the time is flying, the photos you can always look at them again and again. A photo is to stoping the time, a photo must be authentic, the sumptuous landscapes and the glitter are great, but I also like to take pictures of sad and melancholy scenes, there is a kind of beauty in them. In these 2 scenarios it's the life of all of us on this planet and i feel i'm putting together story's and created testimony of us."


* Photography 

* Photographic editing

* Videography 

* Video editing

* event organization

* Social media marketing

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